Magic of Music/Morris Secon

The Magic of Music: Morris Secon and the Horn
(work-in-progress; as yet unedited)
My introduction to videomaking--in 1994, I set out to make a two-hour video about this marvelous musician who has played his horn all over the world and even now, in his late 70s, does master classes and special programs. (He's known me since I was born; he and my dad first played together in the Pittsburgh Symphony under Fritz Reiner and later, for many years, in the Rochester Philharmonic before Secon left to play with the New York and the Israeli Philharmonic orchestras.)

Secon, an extraordinarily gifted storyteller, is very comfortable in front of the camera and he has many funny musical stories to relate. But it is his teaching that he most wants to be remembered for--and it is his skill in "singing" a phrase on the horn and creating a true legato that has earned him the respect of the music world.

I followed him devotedly to master classes at Boston University and the New England Conservatory, to presentations  where he would bring 20 or 30 different horns (including an alp horn and Tibetan long trumpets) to schools/senior centers/homes for the disabled schools; even to his nightly "rap sessions" that are an annual feature at the International Horn Workshops in Kansas City; Eugene, Oregon; and later, in Japan.

I shot hours and hours of moderately good footage, which now rests in a box, begging for an organizational theme and editing time. There are frustrating problems with Hi-8 masters (!) and varying sound quality, though none insurmountable.

As painful as it is, I probably learned the most important lesson of all from this: don't go out and shoot unless you know why you doing it. Still, someday...


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